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PEACE MAKER ピースメーカー 鐵 (1-17巻 最新刊)


PEACE MAKER Piece Maker Rail (Volume 1-17)

PEACE MAKER Piece Maker Rail (Volume 1-17)

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タグ マッグガーデン 少年漫画 幕末 新撰組 映画化 漫画 黒乃奈々絵

Publisher:Mag Garden
Author:Nanae Kurono
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 17
Language: Japanese
Category: Shonen Manga,Manga
Latest Release Date: 2020-05-29

With the outbreak of the Boshin War, the Shinsengumi moved from Kyoto to Edo and then to Ezo. The final battle, at Goryokaku in Ezo, is about to begin... During the battle, Ginnosuke Tamura is ordered to follow Tetsunosuke Ichimura. Ginnosuke, a boy who resembles Tetsunosuke's boyhood, is told by Tetsunosuke Ichimura about his memories of the fierce battle...

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