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[Picture book] Lots of doors

[Picture book] Lots of doors

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タグ なかがわちひろ アリスン・マギー ユ・テウン 児童書 絵本

the publisher:
Author: Alice Maggie, Yu Teen, Nakagawa Hiro
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Picture book
Latest release date: 2018-01-26

Arisn Maggie's book of 550,000 copies, "To the little you"
A gem message that boosts children's growth and nesting.

I cried all over Japan with the super long seller "To the little you"
A gem message that can be said to be a sequel to "To the little you" by Alisn Maggie.
Every year in the graduation season, I received a lot of voices saying "Can't you get it?"

"Many doors" are things that children will open each one in their long life.
There are a lot of interesting things behind the door.
However, there may be days when the wind blows and the storm day.
But you always have the power to open the door.
Ale from parents and teachers who are watching you and supporting you.

I want to give it to a turning point in life at a milestone of a child's growth.
It is always a treasure.

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