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ポンコツちゃん検証中(1-10巻 全巻)


Ponkotsu-chan is verifying (1-10 volumes)

Ponkotsu-chan is verifying (1-10 volumes)

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タグ コメディ ポンコツ 完結 小学館 少年漫画 漫画 福地翼 能力

Publisher: Shogakukan
Author: Fukuchi Tsubasa
Size: 112mm x 174mm
Number of books: 10
Language: Japanese
Category: Shonen manga, manga
Latest release date: 2021-08-18

Two insensitive thrilling ability verification comedy!
Mito -kun, a first -year high school student who wants to rely on someone because he is fine. Yumezaki, who rely on him for the first time, was an "ability person"!
She verifies the ability to be given every day to stop the meteorite that comes one year later, but she is very cute!♪
Mito -kun and Yumezaki -san's ability verification life is also sweet and sour and seriously responsible!

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