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[児童書]るるぶ都道府県がよくわかる 日本地図パズル


Rurubu prefectures that clearly understand the Japanese map puzzle

Rurubu prefectures that clearly understand the Japanese map puzzle

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タグ JTBパブリッシング 児童書 地図 学習 遊び 都道府県

Publisher: JTB publishing
Author: JTB publishing
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Children's book
Latest release date: 2024-02-28

★Very popular! Puzzle appeared from the "Rurubu Map of the Map of the Prefectural Government" series★
Play with plenty of illustrations, and you will naturally acquire the shape and position of 47 prefectures!
It is a perfect puzzle for the first step in prefectural learning starting in elementary school.

[Puzzle features]
1 Piece of the Japanese archipelago and prefectural shapes
Once combined with two puzzle mounts, play with the pieces of the prefecture according to the shape of the Japanese archipelago.
A simple piece that is easy to understand the shape and name of the prefectural government, and the local government name is also posted on the back.
The puzzle mount is a topographic map that shows the main mountains, rivers, plains, etc.

2 Plenty of representative attractions and special products
Plenty of illustrations of special products and tourist attractions representing each prefecture, such as "Aomori Prefecture, apple"!
Introducing the World Heritage Site that you should remember.

3 Perfect for geography learning! Pay attention to the back and the frozen
Challenge the prefectural silhouette quiz on the back of the puzzle!
Let's take a look at the characteristics and keywords in various places.
In addition to puzzles, with a "geographical learning summary board" (B5 size) that suppresses the key points of geography.
You can learn a map that shows the whole picture of Japan, including remote islands, "mountain, river, lake best 3", climate distribution, marine current in Japan, and map symbols.

A box with 4 pieces and puzzles together! Easy to clean up after playing
Because it is a slim box, it can be stored in the bookshelf when not in use.
It can also prevent the pieces from being scattered or lost.

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