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【悲報】スローライフをおくりたいオレ、百魔眼竜王だった (1-2巻 最新刊)


[Sad news] I want to have a slow life, I was a hundred demon eyes Ryuo (Volume 1-2)

[Sad news] I want to have a slow life, I was a hundred demon eyes Ryuo (Volume 1-2)

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タグ スローライフ チート ファンタジー 写真集 吐露ころと 異世界 青年漫画

the publisher:
Author: Russia
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 2
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, photo book
Latest release date: 2023-01-20

Cheat to fulfill your ambitions 〝Open!
Aim! Musou x loosely two hits !!
The previous life of the In -Care High School Student summoned by a different world, Rikumi Hyakumei, was a 〝Hyakuman -eye dragon king with 6.66 million monsters!
There is only one of my ambitions. "I want to send a slow life quietly!"
Starting with the demonic girls who are in love with me, such as dark elf and rich, and start agriculture!
The dungeon raises funds! The unrivaled person who disturbs the smile is the evil new demon king who controls the different world.
Giants' fist, petrification, counter, magic release -a hundred skills hidden in the magical eyes awakened, and it is a rework battle!
From the comic app "GANMA!", Slow Life wants to be a fantasy book!

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