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【グリーンマックス】JR北海道キハ143形 登場時(非冷房)3両編成セット(動力付き)


[Scheduled to be released in April 2024] [Application period: Until November 3, 2023] [Green Max] JR Hokkaido Kiha 143 (Non -cooled) 3 -car trains set (with power) [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in April 2024] [Application period: Until November 3, 2023] [Green Max] JR Hokkaido Kiha 143 (Non -cooled) 3 -car trains set (with power) [Reservation]

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JR Hokkaido Kiha 141/142 is a vehicle that remodeled the surplus 50 series passenger car (Ohafu 51), which was surplus, for the purpose of increasing transportation capacity in the Sapporo metropolitan area.
It was launched on the Satsuma Line (Gakuen Toshi Line) in 1990.
At the beginning of the launch, the old Hokkaido color was characteristic of the green band at the top of the vehicle, but from around 1994, the color was changed to the same as the Kiha 143 type.
The Kiha 141/142 type was retired due to electrification in 2012 (between Kuwaen and Hokkaido Medical University) in 2012, and some vehicles were transferred to Myanmar National Railways.
The Kiha 143 type is a Kiha 141 -type/142 -type performance enhanced vehicle with the driving system equivalent to the Kiha 150 type, and was remodeled from the 50 series passenger car in 1994.
At the same time, the Kissaha 144 type, which was modified, was used in a three -car train that was incorporated into the middle, and air conditioning was performed sequentially from around 1995.
The Kiha 141 type is equipped with a toilet, one engine, the Kiha 142 has no toilet, two engine, the Kiha 143 has no toilet, and the 150s have a toilet.

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Size N gauge
standard equipment
■ Former JR Hokkaido -colored Kiha 141 and non -cooled Kiha 143, which reproduced the appearance of around 1991 to 1995
■ Kiha 143 is a figure with Kisha 144 incorporated in the middle.

■ Front vehicle number, side vehicle number, ATS notation, end notation, affiliation mark have been printed
■ Ventilator, whistle, train wireless antenna, cooler, and duct are gray (equivalent to GM No.9)
■ The color of the roof is light gray. (GM No.14 equivalent)
■ front direction curtain, sideline sabo (route sabo), door switch (Kiha 143 only), overhead wire precautions, etc.
■ Headlight (bulb color) and tail light (red) light up
■ The color tone of the bogie is black, the color tone of the underfloor equipment is gray
■ Equipped with coreless motor power unit with flywheel

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Supplementary information
[3 -car set]
Kiha 143-152 (M) + Kisaha 144-102 + Kiha 143-102

JAN code: 4946950318313

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