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【スリーゼロ】フィグゼロ 1/6 仮面ライダー用 変形サイクロン号(シン・仮面ライダー)


[Scheduled to be released in December 2023] [Application period: Until September 22, 2023] [Three Zero] Fig Zero 1/6 Deformed Cyclone for Kamen Rider (Shin/Kamen Rider) [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in December 2023] [Application period: Until September 22, 2023] [Three Zero] Fig Zero 1/6 Deformed Cyclone for Kamen Rider (Shin/Kamen Rider) [Reservation]

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Takeshi Hongo's favorite machine from the movie "Shin Kamen Rider" appeared on 1/6 scale!
From the movie "Shin Kamen Rider", "Fig Zero 1/6 Deformed Cyclone for Kamen Rider (Shin/Kamen Rider)" appears! The details of the transformation of Hongo Takeshi's favorite machine seen in the play are richly reproduced. The "Fig Zero 1/6 Kamen Rider deformed Cyclone (Shin/Kamen Rider)" is about 19cm in height x about 35cm in length x 9cm wide. It is a 1/6 scale motorcycle that can board the separately sold "Fig Zero 1/6 Kamen Rider (Shin/Kamen Rider)". The precise paint is applied, and the cowl is gloss finish. The main materials are ABS, PVC, POM, and zinc alloy. The Egizoast pipe, part of the muffler, the center frame of the body, and the two wheels have a zinc alloy die -cast. The tires are made of soft PVC. Both the front and rear wheels can rotate, and the front wheels are steering. Front suspension and rear suspension actually work with metal springs. In addition, the rear wheel chain (soft PVC) and the brake lever are also movable. The side stand is also movable, and the bike parking status can be reproduced. The four distinctive headlights and six mufflers have an LED light emission function (4 -shaped battery x 3, batteries sold separately). The details of the fuel tank are the lighting switch and does not impair the appearance. In addition, with a clear material stand to make the motorcycle stand in a driving posture, the various scenes in the play are reproduced along with the "Fig Zero 1/6 Kamen Rider (Shin/Kamen Rider)" sold separately. Is possible.

ABS & PVC & POM & Zinc Alloy Painted Movable Figure/1/6 scale/Height: Approximately 190mm x Length: Approximately 350mm AAA batteries x 3) Accessories: Clear material stand x 1 to make the motorcycle stand in a position when driving
Prototype production
Selling agency
good smile Company
The photos listed may differ slightly from the actual product.
Since the painting of the product is manual, there are some differences between each product. Please note.
Due to the nature of the paint, the paint may not be completely dry when opened.
If it is not dry, place it in a well -ventilated shade room for about 2-3 days, confirm that the painted surface is dry, and then touch it.
Please note that if it is used in an undersded state, it may cause color transfer or after fingerprint.
(C) Ishimori Professional Toei/2023 "Shin/Kamen Rider" Production Committee

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