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【プライム1スタジオ】ミュージアムマスターライン ウィッチャー3 ワイルドハント イェネファー DX版


[Scheduled to be released in December 2024] [Application period: Until August 25, 2023] [Prime 1 Studio] Museum Master Line Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Eenvar DX version [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in December 2024] [Application period: Until August 25, 2023] [Prime 1 Studio] Museum Master Line Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Eenvar DX version [Reservation]

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A beautiful magician that the strongest witcher loves, Appeared in a big size of 84cm in height The blockbuster game "Witcher 3 Wild Hunt" has exceeded 40 million units sold worldwide. From this open world RPG's monument, Vengerberg's Jenpher, who controls the powerful magic, appears in a big size of 84 cm in height! A beautiful magician who loves Siri like a child, connected with a strong bond with the protagonist Geralt. In order to express the main heroine of the series beautifully and high -definition, it is a completely new statue that has been three -dimensional on a 1/3 scale. The waved black hair and the neat face in this world are Jenpher itself. I think that the player is the most beautiful, comparing each part with the game many times, such as light hair bundle movements, eyes that praise the will, and glossy lips. I created her expression. Costume pursues details. A delicate embossing of the jacket, a choker pendant decorating the chest, a crow stuck in the right hand. If you look at the upper body alone, you can see that. In addition, artificial hair is used for the fur on the neck and arms. The soft texture colors the display. Jenpher is stuck on a special base with pendant pentagrams. Please use the beautiful appearance to your witcher collection! ■ Product specifications Manufacturer: Prime 1 studio Part number: MMW3-02 Work name: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Copyright notation: CD Projekt, The Witcher Are Registered Trademarks of CD Projekt Capital Group. The Witcher Game CD Projekt S.A. LL Rights Reserved. The Witcher Game is Set in The Universe Created by Andrzej Sapkowski in His Series of Books All Other Copyrights and Trademarks Are The Property of their Respective Owners. Size: Full height: 84cm full width: 52cm Depth: 37cm Weight: 18.2kg Material: Polistone (some use different materials) Release time: Scheduled for December 2024 Contents/Accessories: Special Base Scale: 1/3 JAN: 4580708047379 ■ Remarks ・ The photo is a product sample. It may differ from the actual product. ・ It may look different from the actual color depending on your monitor.

JAN code: 4580708047379

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