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【コトブキヤ】ヘキサギア キットブロック BA ラウドゲイル


[Scheduled to be released in February 2024] [Application period: Until August 8, 2023] [Kotobukiya] Hexagia Kit Block BA Loud Gail [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in February 2024] [Application period: Until August 8, 2023] [Kotobukiya] Hexagia Kit Block BA Loud Gail [Reservation]

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■ System conversion is possible from off -road type "Vehicle mode" to "humanoid mode".
■ You can board the cockpit with an separately sold governor.
■ The cockpit that was exposed during vehicle mode is a completely sealed cockpit in humanoid mode and protects the passenger.
■ The head sensor is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick, and you can enjoy it in two styles: a rugged "closed face mode" and a heroic "open face mode".
■ The main weapon "Monster Barrett" is a large weapon that combines the grenade launcher and a shotgun, and can be equipped with each split. You can enjoy a bullet reload gimmick.
■ The magazine of the shotgun is precisely shaped to the internal ammunition details.
■ You can enjoy using a laser cutter by attaching the attached effect parts to the left and right forearms.
■ Large wild tires molded with PVC materials are shaped suitable for off -road machines, and the back is equipped with spare wheels, so you can create a scene where the governor replaces wheels. Masu.
■ The armor that connects the torso and the shoulder is expanded to the front side, expanding the range of motion of the arm and enjoying it in various action poses.
■ A trial rifle gun with the same design as the bulk arm Grandz is included, and two sets of long -type "extended magazine" are included. The extended magazine can be connected by the 3mm axis.
■ The molding color of the body is 8 -colored molding: dessert yellow, brown, clear green, clear yellow, smoked gray, metallic gray, gun meta, and black.

■ BA Loud Gail body x 1 set
■ Monster Barrett x 1 set
■ Mount arm x 1 set for monster bullet
■ Effect parts for the forearm arm x 2
■ Primary rifle gun x 1
■ Protected rifle expansion magazine x 2
■ Archive card x 1

* This product is a regenerated product.

(C) kotobukiya

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