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【コトブキヤ】キットブロック ヘキサギア バルクアームλ ジャッカル


[Scheduled to be released in January 2024] [Application period: Until September 29, 2023] [Kotobukiya] Kit Block Hexagia Bulk Arm λ Jackal [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in January 2024] [Application period: Until September 29, 2023] [Kotobukiya] Kit Block Hexagia Bulk Arm λ Jackal [Reservation]

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[Aircraft commentary] "Bulk Arm λ" is a general term for a second -generation high -performance mass -produced hexagia group developed by MSG. The group is mainly used to operate non -parapone units in Variant Force and to provide weapons to heterogox armed forces in collaboration with MSG, but "Jackal" handled in this section is among them. It is a specification specialized in battle, and is operated for heterodox, which has been provided mainly for heterodox conflicts, demonstration of residents and rebels in dominant sites, and security maintenance activities. 。 The reason for being developed based on the bulk arm series, which began to show signs of old -fashioned conjunction due to the emergence of third -generation Hexagia, is the armor sealed cockpit that is useful for long -term warning missions, and march speed and maintenance environment. Even organizational groups, which have poor operation of the third -generation hexagia, can be easily introduced and operated. BMI (brain machine interface) is adopted in the maneuvering system, and the aircraft to board will operate the aircraft through the armor type or headset. In addition, when Parapone boards, restrictions due to the Project Regeneris Charter are imposed. As a comprehensive performance of the aircraft, it is composed of artificial muscles that have been reduced in each part with emphasis on the operating speed of the limbs while inheriting the versatility and robustness of the bulk arm series, and the driving system is also constituted by a hexagram. In order to enhance acceleration performance in melee battles, the back and limbs are equipped with a new air manebusterstar at the base of the limbs, and the lightness is highly evaluated as a second -generation lightness. In addition, the decreased defense is appropriately supplemented by a large number of shields and additional armor as an option, and maintains the freedom of attack means due to being a humanoid. The size of these equipment options embodies the 2.5th generation of vectors different from bulk arm Grants, but depending on the operation, it is possible to cross the third generation hexagia to some extent. However, these high -performance are all strategies formulated from some purpose. Heterocox, who lives on the battlefield, is a very attractive proposal. But if you turn it over, the uniform high performance means the full dependence on support from MSG in maintenance and maintenance. The MSG operated the number of operating aircraft, and eventually the power balance of each power was operated, and even the conflict in each region was influenced by MSG decisions. In this way, MSG indirectly controlled the struggle in various places, and many heterantox, which had been involved in the involvement, was absorbed or broken by the Variant Force. "Jackal" is mainly based on urban areas due to its aircraft characteristics, and there are many opportunities to be exposed to the eyes of ordinary non -combatants. And from the terrible appearance of being witnessed, he is feared as a "MSG cub". Installed weapon ■ Heavy Submachine Gun: Motor Dog ■ Shield: Ballice shell ■ Plasmalod: Hungry byte ■ Polygonal blast (Air Man New Bass Star) [Product specification] ■ The shoulder armor can be replaced with an expansion attachment development with a 3mm joint. ■ The new modeling wrist unit comes with four types of "grip", "Hirate", "gun holder", and "sword holding hand". ■ Heavy submachine guns with the attached weapon can select the arrangement of the grip from 4 positions. In addition, it can be installed in various parts of the aircraft with a dedicated optional parts with a 3mm joint. ■ The shield equipped on the arm can also be selected with a 3mm joint with a grip held with wrist parts, and can store a plasmalod inside. In addition, various options such as the heavy submachine gun preliminary magazine can be mounted on the 3mm joint installed on the back. ■ Captain's head antenna parts are included as bonus parts. ■ A special joint corresponding to the optional flying bass neo is included. ■ Supported governors are Pawn A1, Parapone Sentinel, Womple, Early Governor Vol.1, etc., and does not support all governors. ■ The molding color is blue, light blue, gray, gun metal, silver, and clear orange. 【accessories】 ■ Bulk arm λ Jackal body x 1 set ■ Wrist parts 4 types x 1 set (left and right) ■ Heavy submachine gun x 1 ■ Spare magazine x 2 ■ Shield x 1 ■ Plasmalod x 1 ■ Shoulder expansion attachment x 1 set (left and right) ■ Captain equipment head for the head for the head of the captain ■ Connection parts for flying base neo ■ Archive card * The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different from the actual product. [Target age]: 15 years old or older [Product size (cm)] (height): 18

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