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【トミーテック】LV フェラーリ 365 GTB4(黄)


[Scheduled to be released in November 2023] [Application period: Until August 2, 2023] [Tommy Tech] Lv Ferrari 365 GTB4 (Yellow) [Reservation]

[Scheduled to be released in November 2023] [Application period: Until August 2, 2023] [Tommy Tech] Lv Ferrari 365 GTB4 (Yellow) [Reservation]

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■ Product description
Engine hood can be opened and closed!
Conducted popular 365 GTB4 "Daytona" late models
● This is the highlight ●
FR Gran Turismo's masterpiece
Reproduce the second -stage front around the front

Engine hood can be opened and closed!
Collect Ferrari 365 GTB4, nicknamed "Daytona". The late model was characterized by retractable headlights. At the time of the debut, the super sports car world was already in the mainstream era, but the 365 GTB4 adopted orthodox front engines, and the excellent pilotability by Transxle was highly evaluated.
This time, the late model is commercialized. The long hood is opened and closed, and a 4.4 -liter V -type 12 -cylinder engine has been reproduced. The body color this time is a choice of bright yellow. It reproduces the charm of the actual vehicle, such as a unique pattern sheet, commonly known as "Daytona seat", and around a three -dimensional chassis, commonly known as "Day Nasheet".
[Fortunately: Tommy Tech]

■ Product specifications
Manufacturer: Tommy Tech
Part number: 312918
Product specifications: 1/64 Scale Die -cast minicar (painted assembly)
Open package
Size: Package size (cover box type): W100mm x H115mm x D46mm
Weight: Weight about 120g
Copyright notation: TOMYTEC
Scale: 1/64
JAN: 4543736312918

■ Remarks
* The photo is a prototype. It may differ from the actual product specification.
Proponial authority commercialization license application
※The photograph is an image. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

JAN code: 4543736312918

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