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[画集]トップをねらえ! 画コンテ集


[Scheduled to be released on December 20, 2023] Aim for the top!

[Scheduled to be released on December 20, 2023] Aim for the top!

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タグ アニメ アニメ特撮アーカイブ機構 グラウンドワークス 画集・イラスト集・写真集

Publisher: Groundworks
Author: Anime Special Photo Archive Mechanism
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Art books, illustrations, photo books
Latest release date: 2023-12-20

? Recording contents: Each episode 1 to the final episode, each story story, bonus video content, etc.

? Recording story
Each contest staff
Episode 1: Shinji Higuchi, Hideaki Anno
Episode 2: Shinji Higuchi, Hideaki Anno
Episode 3: Shinji Higuchi, Hideaki Anno
Episode 4: Shinji Higuchi, Hideaki Anno
Episode 5: Shinji Higuchi, Hideaki Anno
Final episode: Shinji Higuchi, Hideaki Anno
Opening Conte: Hiroyuki Yamaga
Special News Conte: Unknown
Initial Conte Picture Conte: Shinji Higuchi
Conte: Hideaki Anno
DVD New Bonus Video Conte: Shoichi Masuo

★The recording conte has a rough part of the image, but it uses the original version of the past or its copy,
It is a scan image that tried to reproduce within possible range. Please note.

? Work introduction (from BANDAI NAM COPOLM Works Official Site)
Hideaki Anno's work!
SF animation monitored pagoda released in GAINAX released in 1988!

"Aim for the top! Is the first original video animation work of GAINAX released in 1988, and is the first director's work directed by Hideaki Anno.
The staff, including Hideaki Anno, the storyboard, Shinji Higuchi, the character draft, Haruhiko Miki, Haruhiko Miki.
At the time, the best talented groups, such as the mechanic design and Kazuki Miyatake of Studio Nue, gathered.
Dough dramas, stage settings full of SF mind, and light parody spirit will be combined at a high level, leading to the viewer.
The music that excites hot dramas is also impressive, and each time you follow the story, you will excite the human growth of the main character Noriko.
"Aim for the top! Is a masterpiece that transcends the times as a royal road of entertainment works.

? Animation staff
Planning / Original: Toshio Okada / Director: Hideaki Anno / Setting: Shinji Higuchi / Hideaki Anno / Animation Character: Toshiyuki Kuboka /
Character draft: Haruhiko Miki / Mechanic Design: Kazuki Miyatake (Studio Nue) / Robot Design: Koichi Ohata /
Art Director: Masanori Kikuchi, Hiroshi Sasaki, Hiroji Takehige, Tatsuya Kushida / Shooting Director: Masatoshi Okino, Hidehitsu Watanabe, Naoto Fujikura /
Acoustic Director: Etsuji Yamada / Music: Kohei Tanaka / Production: GAINAX

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