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[児童書]集英社 学習まんが 世界の伝記 愛される作品を残した天才 10冊セット


SHUEISHA Learning Manga 10 Genius 10 books set that left the legendary work

SHUEISHA Learning Manga 10 Genius 10 books set that left the legendary work

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タグ 学習まんが 学習・参考書 集英社

Publisher: Shueisha
Size: 150mm x 220mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Learning / Reference Book
Latest publication date: 2017-04-03

"Shueisha version Learning Manga World Biography"

He has achieved great achievements in various fields, such as academic, politics, and art, and picks up the world's great people who have thrown light on the hearts of people.
The life of the turbulence that has been impressed by its efforts and excitement is included in one book.
This is a biographical manga series that is accurately drawn based on the supervision of a professional teacher and a reliable material.

We gathered 10 writers and musicians who left the masterpieces that did not fade and set them as a set. (Included color dumb ball case)

【set content】
4082400087 Beethoven -A great composer called Hakuhin
4082400117 Schweizer -Saint who has a lifetime in medical and evangelism
4082400303 Furble -Insect poet who wrote "Insects"
4082400338 Agatha Christie -"Queen of Mystery" who produced Detective Poaro
4082400346 Andersen -"King of Fairy Tale" loved by the world
4082400354 Montgomeri -Women's writer who wrote "Redhead Anne"
4082400362 Joy Adamson -"Wild Elsa" writer who loved nature
4082400370 Chopin -A genius composer called "Piano poet"
4082400397 Marie Laurentan -Painter called "Paris Beauty"
4082400400 Seaton -"Animal" writer for nature protection

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