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スマイリー (1-8巻 最新刊)


Smiley (vol. 1-8, latest issue)

Smiley (vol. 1-8, latest issue)

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タグ サスペンス 日本文芸社 服部未定 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Nippon Bungeisha
Author: Hattori undecided
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 8
Language: Japanese
Category: Seinen Manga,Cartoon
Latest Release Date: 2024-03-29

His beloved daughter died in an accident.
Tomoji Kamome, a freelance writer, lost his beloved daughter in an accident.
In despair, his wife leaves him,
his wife has left him, and he spends his days as if he were a shell of a man.

One day, however, a strange religious group came to recruit him.
One day, however, a flyer from a strange religious group, the "Heart Laughing Society," changes his destiny.
It shows his wife, whom he has lost touch with...

This is a story of faith and madness.
What is the black darkness of the cult that an evil smile invites?
A shivering ``new religion`` suspense begins! !

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