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Stress brain

Stress brain

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タグ アンデシュ・ハンセン 一般書籍 健康 新潮社

Publisher: Shinchosha
Author: Andesh Hansen
Size: 112mm x 174mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
Latest release date: 2022-07-19

It is said to have the most anxiety gene in the world
If you are Japanese, you must read!
2021 NO, 1 The latest work of the best -selling "Smartphone Brain". "

Why can't people escape "anxiety"?
A total of 850,000 copies such as "smartphone brain" and "strongest brain"!

Humans survive many plague, war, famine and disasters, and envy the ancient kings and emperor
I got a comfortable life full of entertainment ... but the number of diagnoses for depression and anxiety disorder
Increased. It is said that one in seven men and one in four women are depressed, and one in four
It is said that once in a lifetime, you experience depression and anxiety disorder. Modern people are now
It is said to be in "worst mental in history". Series such as "smartphone brain" "strongest brain"
"Brain prescription" in an easy -to -understand explanation by the author of a psychiatrist whose total has exceeded 850,000 copies
Is the appearance.

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