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夏がいそいでる (全1巻)


Summer is Hurrying (1 volume)

Summer is Hurrying (1 volume)

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タグ 少女漫画 未設定 池沢理美 漫画 講談社

Publisher: Kodansha
Author: Rimi Ikezawa
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Shoujo manga,Manga
Latest Release Date:1988-04-30

Even girls want to go to Koshien! Childhood friends Natsuki and Masami are bound by a promise to "go to the Koshien together. Now in high school, Natsuki is a talented manager who supports Masami, the ace pitcher, every day. ...... They continue to hold on to their passionate dreams, but after an incident, their dreams seem to disappear. ......? The author, who is a big baseball fan, presents a sports romance that goes beyond the boundaries of a shoujo manga and is brimming with adolescence!

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