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大正浪漫探偵譚 [文庫版] (1-4巻 全巻)


Taisho Roman Detective Tan [Bunko Edition] (Volume 1-4)

Taisho Roman Detective Tan [Bunko Edition] (Volume 1-4)

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タグ その他 コミック文庫 完結 木原敏江 漫画 集英社

Publisher: Shueisha
Author: Toshie Kihara
Size: 105mm x 148mm
Number of books: 4
Language: Japanese
Category: Other comic library, manga
Latest release date: 2009-10-15

■ Series title contents ■
47 characters
Yui entered the Moriyama family as a servant to investigate rumors that ghosts will appear. There is a secret in the beautiful literature doctor, Kao Moriyama and his sister, Hisuru. Yui and Kaori, who rushes in the neck, boldly inferce the monster case that encounters one after another! 7 popular mystery series.

Beautiful woman
Kao Moriyama and his wife Yui attended the spring night party hosted by the Achi Zaibatsu. Among them, a designer in charge of the mode show was killed by someone ... !! The Taisho Roman Mystery Series, the 2nd, the reasoning of the detective Moriyama and his wife, Moriyama and his wife, who had to rush into the neck!

Hagoromo in the wind
Moriyama and his wife were invited to the old shrine festival in the neighboring town. One night, Kioi, the power of the town, was killed !! What is the mystery of the dying message left there? ...? The mysterious incident that a detective Yui and Kaori encountered one after another !! Taisho Roman Mystery series.

Mochizuki Festival
Moriyama and his wife are somehow wrapped around the incident everywhere they go. Tsuki = The memories of Yui's daughter era who met a lightly girl with the name of Katsura, "Mochizuki's Festival". Includes three works of the Taisho Roman Detective Tan Series and other rare modern things.

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