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The gods of the gods (1 volume in total)

The gods of the gods (1 volume in total)

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タグ ぶんか社 ホラー ミステリー 女性漫画 漫画 関よしみ

Publisher: Bunkha
Author: Yoshimi Seki
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Female manga, manga
Latest release date: 2012-08-17

Report 1 Shimane Prefecture / Izumo Taisha
Visit the original sacred land where eight million gods gather with a psychic
Report 2 Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture
Touching the threat of nature in the legendary land where God came down for the first time
Report 3 Miyazaki / Takachiho -Kumamoto Prefecture / Koten Jingu
From the land of the descent of Tenson to the birthplace of the Takamagahara mythology
Report 4 Kumamoto Prefecture / Koten Jingu
I pray for peace at a company where the gods of the world and the universe gather!
Extra edition empty gel
Spiritual you can feel in casual daily life

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