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ワケありおっぱいが、上司(絶倫・ヤクザ)のお口に合いまして (1-6巻 最新刊)


My Boobs Fits in My Boss's Mouth (Volumes 1-6) the latest volume)

My Boobs Fits in My Boss's Mouth (Volumes 1-6) the latest volume)

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タグ ヤクザ 一味ゆづる 上司 女性漫画 漫画 祥伝社

Publisher: Shodensha
Author:Yuzuru Ichimi
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 6
Language: Japanese
Category: Women's Manga,Cartoon
the latest volumeRelease Date: 2024-05-24

The story is about a young virgin who is not very good at love, but is actually a virgin. *** Nami Sonomura, a virgin in her twenties, pretends to be a "good girl" both at work and in her private life, but in fact she is not very good at love.
By chance, her secret is revealed to her boss, Ayato Togiri, who is the most popular and popular man in the company, and he becomes very interested in her and pushes her down. In order to get out of this pinch,......, Nami has no choice but to expose her breasts, which are the reason for her virginity and her complex. I thought this would make him lose interest in me. ...... But then Jugiri-kun fell in love with my breasts at first sight! And not only did he lose his temper, but he got an unbelievable erection. ...... That's a lie, right?

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