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◆特典あり◆アトム ザ ビギニング & エアドラ (全21冊)[直筆サイン入りA4判アクリルプレート&リーフレット付き]


◆ There is a privilege ◆ Atom The Bigining & Air Dora (21 books in total) [A4 size acrylic plate & leaflet with autographed]

◆ There is a privilege ◆ Atom The Bigining & Air Dora (21 books in total) [A4 size acrylic plate & leaflet with autographed]

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タグ SF アクション カサハラテツロー ロボット 小学館クリエイティブ 漫画 特典付 青年漫画

Publisher: Shogakukan Creative
Author: Kasahara Tetsuro
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 24
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest release date: 2024-03-05

A4 size acrylic plate is presented by purchasing "Atom The Beginning (Volume 1-18 latest issue)" and "Air Dora (1st volume 1)"!
In addition, the first 30 people will be delivered with a autograph of Dr. Kasahara Tetslow!

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・ Atom The Bigining (Volume 1-18 is the latest issue)
The future of the robot is here.
The story that depicts the birth of Astro Boy Atom, the opening!
Japan in the near future was hit by an unknown catastrophe.
Five years later, a university in Japan, which is being reconstructed, had two young researchers who worked all about robot development.
Two people who have been drawing robot manga, "Masami Yuki" x "Kasahara Tetsuro", are newly interpreted, with a new interpretation.
The story until the birth of the eternal hero "Astro Boy Atom" is finally opening!

・ Airedora (volume 1 whole volume)
High -speed robot action that focuses on the sky !!
Haruo was adopted as a gig worker pilot of the military robot "Air Dragoon".
However, he was unable to deny his lack of experience, and he was trapped by the enemy in his first sortie and became a pinch of desperate desperate.
However, at that time, a pumpkin airdora stands in front of the enemy aircraft. It is one girl to manipulate.
Japan in the near future, which was the forefront of the battlefield. The story of the weapon and the pilot that can be empty.

[Benefits] A4 size acrylic plate & leaflet with autographed

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