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ウルトラマンA 完全復刻版 (全1巻)


Ultraman A Complete Reprint (1 volume in total)

Ultraman A Complete Reprint (1 volume in total)

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タグ 内山まもる 完全版/愛蔵版 復刊ドットコム 未設定 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Reissue Dotcom
Author: Mamaru Uchiyama
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, full version/treasure version, manga
Latest publication date: 2011-10-26

It is transformed in Hokuto and South, !!
Director Shinji Higuchi also supports! Uchiyama's version of Ultraman, the first full -fledged book = 2nd !!

Ultraman, an immortal hero born in Japan. Four works of Uchiyama's "Ultraman" comics ("Return Man", "A" "Taro", "Leo"), which were serialized in the popular grades of the school year magazine "second grader" in 1971-74, are Tsuburaya Pro , once this fall, the first full -fledged book! The second one is the popular work "Ultraman A" (1972)!

This is a popular work that has a great reputation for the first "gender transformation" in the series by the "Ultra Touch" between Hokuto Seiji and Minami Yuko, and the two.
The smart and beautiful character design, the development full of speed, and the power of the dynamic battle scene are truly a master of the master, Uchiyama. That day, the boys were excited about Ultraman A's great success ... Beyond 39 years back!
Among the many Ultraman's comicalized works, the series, which was acclaimed as "one of the best masterpieces", was released as a convenience store comic in the mid -2000s (already sold) in the mid -2000s, and is now difficult to obtain. It became a rare work of "phantom", and it was eager to make a book in a cohesive form.
The coach Shinji Higuchi is also hot! This work is also popular in our own "Reissue Request". It is a chance to prepare the four masterpieces that are clearly brushed in an affordable form.
Not only will you record all the episodes in the monthly magazine, including the full -door paintings in the magazine serialization, but also the new interview with Makoma Uchiyama full of secret stories, and the mini -manga "Time Slip Graffiti My Ultra 1972" Included. Please look forward to it !!

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