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[児童書]うんこ冬ドリル 5さい


Unko Winter Drill 5

Unko Winter Drill 5

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タグ うんこドリルシリーズ ドリル 学習・参考書 文響社

Publisher: Buninosha
Author: Buninosha
Size: 210mm x 297mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Learning / Reference Book
Latest release date: 2023-11-09

A winter drill that can comprehensively develop the necessary power to live while enjoying the poop story that feels winter is finally here!
One book that allows you to learn four fields: "letters / words", "numbers, numbers, clocks", "wisdom", and "drawing work".
This winter, you will naturally acquire learning habits!

[Main features]
1. You can work and independently work with the winter poop story!
This book is a challenge to challenge the problem in the winter poop story.
It is a book that can be expected to be an independent learning with a lot of stories and fun illustrations that the characters unfold.

2. You can get a good balance in a wide range of fields!
It is a comprehensive drill with a variety of Bality, such as the problem of letters and words, basic numbers of numbers, maze and coloring.
You can grow a wide range of children's abilities.

3. Full of tricks that will not get tired until the end!
The work content and illustrations are different for each page, so you can do it without getting tired of the last page, which leads to the children's willingness to learn next.
In addition, there are plenty of fun elements such as seal problems, drawing work, and appendix.

Gorgeous benefits
With hiragana, katakana table, piggy bank and coin!
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