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干支天使チアラット(1-3巻 最新刊)


Zodiac Angel Cheerlat (Volume 1-3 is the latest issue)

Zodiac Angel Cheerlat (Volume 1-3 is the latest issue)

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タグ ヒロイン リイド社 中川ホメオパシー 変身 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Riid
Author: Nakagawa Homeopathy
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 3
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest publication date: 2017-10-27

The dazzling feast of the dark heroines !!
Remi Nemu -no, a 17 -year -old sly and cute child, is started by a phantom beast Nue Became a transformation beautiful heroine, the zodiac angel (Etangel), fights the nemesis and grudge (Enma) !!
There is no doubt that the rush of the development that is too unbridled in the royal road format will be addictive.
In addition to the technical sampling gag that explodes in the middle home, Don't overlook the character's moe -hearted heart.

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